How It Works

Step 1: Sign Up and Pay

Enroll for as long as you want.* The program will be active from January through June. The enrollment fee is $50/month, paid monthly or all at once.**

Step 2: Join the Facebook group

Participants will be allowed to join the exclusive Facebook group. Past participants can audit for free.

Step 3: Submit Videos

Participants can submit up to two videos per month and Dave will respond with video feedback. Participants can submit more if they choose, for the community to provide feedback, or to track progress. On occasion, there might be special guests who respond to videos.

Step 4: Attend the Monthly Masterclass

Each month, Dave will host a class where current participants can connect, check in on their video submissions, play live for Dave, and hear his thoughts on music. On occasion, there might be a guest presenter.

Step 5: Stay Active

Keep an eye on the Facebook page for extra meet-ups, video challenges, practice tips, project ideas, listening assignments, and audition announcements. Post any revelations, extra activities, personal victories, and sock photos.

*Up to 10 participants at a time, priority is given to those who sign up for longer blocks.

**Enrollment cannot be pro-rated, so plan accordingly!